I am launching a crisp  new york style clothing brand this year. After struggling through design school and college in Yougnstown, Ohio I have decided to take the plunge outside of the realms of the 40 hour work week.

In deciding the what and not the why that I learned in my design classes it became apparent that the path for me was to do something that I am passionate about as well as truly fond of. Going to work for my fathers law firm or waiting tables certainly did not seem up my alley. So it was sold on the fact that my ability to create products that people truly do want and love came into affect and the idea for Nat Lipman clothing was born.

Like the great clothiers before me such as the guys in San Francisco, California who founded the Gap, Bannana Republic, and Old Navy as well as Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hillfigure the best path to prosperity is through my logos, branding, and designs.

A logo in my opinion is one of the most important aspects of a succesful company. That is why Morningstar paid $50,000 to Paul Rand for their logo which many deemed outrageous and a waste of money at the time the founder deems it today as one of its most intangible and valuable assets due to the brand associated and recognition that attributes towards its success.

I plan to do the same with my clothing line as its pertinent to truly come out on top with a brand that shouts and screams success and I will remember this brand for all eternity. Please stay tuned as I will be releasing right here at my blog all sorts of intriguing logos, designs, and concept ideas that are planned to be rolled out for the Nat Lipman Clothing brand.